Hi! Cadence, here. I'm a copywriter & artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. When I'm not busy writing copy or drawing contours, you can find me working through a pile of library books, planning dinners, or volunteering as a farmhand.

After working as an in-house copywriter for several years, I jumped into full-time freelance in 2015. I now spend the majority of my work week writing taglines, email campaigns, product descriptions, and other brand materials for clients all across the country—in my slippers, from home.

I start every project with a set of questions to learn more about your company's goals. From there, I get to work on helping you develop a distinct voice and message, ensuring whatever I create connects with the people you care about most. Effective copy doesn't need to be sales-y and boring — in fact, it shouldn't be. Dear god, can we all agree to put the formulas and how-to manuals down? We'll start from scratch, using the elements of narrative, well-played humor, empathy, and brevity to better engage your audience on a human level. 

Whether you're here in search of copy or commissioned art, I'd love to see how we can work together. If you'd rather buy me a coffee and pretend to laugh at my jokes, I'd love to hear from you too... obviously. 

- C



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