Hi! Cadence, here. I'm a copywriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. If I'm not busy crafting copy or building websites, you can find me writing stories elsewhereplanning dinners, or trading farm work for groceries.

After working as an in-house copywriter for several years, I decided to jump into full-time freelance in 2015. I now spend the majority of my work week writing taglines, email campaigns, product descriptions, and other brand materials for clients all across the country—in my slippers, from home.

I start every project with a set of questions to learn more about you and your brand. From there, I get to work on developing your distinct voice and message, ensuring whatever I create connects with the people you care about most. Effective copy doesn't need to be sales-y and boring — in fact, it shouldn't be. Dear god, can we all agree to put the formulas and how-to manuals down? We'll start from scratch, using the elements of narrative, well-played humor, and empathy to better engage your audience on a human level. 

Whether you're here in search of a copywriter or consultant on all-things-content, I'd love to help. If you'd rather buy me a coffee and pretend to laugh at my jokes, I'd love to hear from you too... obviously. 

- C



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