Where my 1989 babies at? This playlist is for you (us). Thanks to Kyle for somehow making my dumb ideas come to life like he did with the image above. (Side note: It appears Baby Cadence liked doing dishes. Don't be fooled, not the case for Adult Cadence.)

The most ironic part about this whole thing is there's no Taylor Swift on the linked playlist, but that's only because she recently dropped music streaming platforms like another one of her crummy exes. You go girl, stick it to the system. In the meantime, I'm not Taylor Swift so my C.T. 1989 playlist can be found on Spotify and Rdio

what I'm listening to

I've been compiling my favorite songs about growing up and out of things, while including a healthy mix of the-best-is-yet-to-come anthems. Some songs hint at a quarter life crisis, while most just tell a story of thanks—both for shaping memories and every new day forward. This life has been brilliantly gracious to me, and if the next 25 are anything like the first 25, I'm bound to discover more within myself and the goodness of God than I ever imagined possible.

who it's for

I narrowed it down to—you guessed it—25 songs that feel right for this soon-to-be 25 year old. But I think these songs are a good dose of "just keep swimming" for anyone navigating unknown waters or feeling reflective about the sands of time. Some of these songs are new and relevant, others old and resonant. Either way, I hope you enjoy them right smack dab in the middle of whatever place in life you find yourself. 

Cheers to 1989, where my story first began and to 25 years later, where these pages of mine are still turning. Thanks for letting me share some of my bits & pieces with you.