I've noticed this trend every year when August rolls around. Almost immediately at the turn of the July, everyone starts talking about Fall like we don't have another month of sweating through our clothes left. We start to talk as if the pool and canoe (or cabrew, as I like to call them) days are behind us and flannels are the only way forward. We start planning Fall getaways and shaking our fists at the forecast, wondering when this gosh-darn-humidity is going to be behind us.

Listen—I get that Summers in the south are long. I get that by this last stretch of the season, you've probably lost patience for mosquitos and built up bitterness about the air conditioning bill. But come the coldest days of Winter ahead, we'll be looking back and longing for days like these. We'll have wished we'd made one more trip to the river in August, fired up the grill, setup that slip-n-slide out back or taken a few more nighttime bike rides when instead we were hiding inside from the heat, waiting for the leaves to change. 

So until September 23rd, I'm not wishing Summer away. I'm rolling down my windows, watching for fireflies and jumping in bodies of water every chance I get. 

Here's my soundtrack: Summer Forever.

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