Exciting times!

Thursday’s my last day at the ol’ job, guys. This job was an answer to prayer and right on time last May. It’s been the wrapping on the gift I’ve received of getting to call Nashville home, and for that I’m all sorts of head-shakin’ grateful.

It’s been a blast, it’s been challenging, but it’s mostly been a blast. Bike races in the parking garage, prank wars, Beyonce dance-offs in the conference room, sticking an “if found, return to” message on the bottom of a Yoda figurine and sending it off with balloons….yep, that actually happened.

Sad to leave such a fun team, but pumped that I serve a God that keeps me in forward motion. Bob Goff always says you can quit anything on a Thursday, and somewhat by chance (or by fate), it happened.

I’ll be starting a new writing position & managing social at the Nashville Rescue Mission in mid-April and just like that—another prayer’s blown out of the water. I’ill be working alongside such an incredible community of people & getting to share stories. Ridiculous. There are good things ‘round this bend.

But until then, I have a little time off. So, natural first step: book a free flight to Charleston (‘preciate ya, SW rewards). Second step: cancel flight to Charleston. Third step: COME AT ME, EPIC ROADTRIP!

I’ll explain.

6 // 6, six cities over six days, starting Friday. It all pieced together too well to pass up.

Stop 1: Atlanta, GA because Braves baseball, America, etc.

Stop 2: Charleston, SC because Family Circle Cup, beach, canoes and brunch with some of the greatest people on earth.

Stop 3: Greenville/Clemson, SC because climb time, reunions & really any chance I can get to be in the ol’ stomping grounds.

Stop 4: Asheville, NC because ALL OF IT.

Stop 5: Knoxville, TN because GO VOLS! Jk, that just felt appropriate.

Stop 6: Nashville, TN because I love you most. Homerun.

There’s no real scheduled plan, just a few hopeful adventures and a good bit of Cadence time on the road. I’d tell you I’m planning on doing a lot of personal reflection but chances are I’ll really just be blasting Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 experience.

This will be a trip to unwind and swim and climb and brunch and reflect and sing loudly with the windows down all in one. I’ll post evidence of good times had and little found graces along the way.

Cheers to unplanned breaks, mini adventures and new beginnings.

To the ends of the earth/east coast! See you soon.