This gift guide is full of items either owned or admired by me, each made good by their simplicity, quality and usefulness. Whether you have a friend who's always on the go exploring new places or a brother who just loves being in the woods, I think there's something here for almost any type of modern day adventurer.  You can read more about why I picked what I picked at the bottom.

Note: Click on each picture to be taken to a purchase page. Just like the Writer's Gift Guide, several of these products can be found on Amazon Prime (YAY!).

1. TOPO BACKPACK / I'm all about a sturdy and well-designed weekend backpack that can be alternated between coffee shops and campsites. I love my red rolltop backpack from Poler, but if I had to choose another, it'd be this pack from Topo Designs in Colorado. 2. STANLEY FLASK / Whiskey for the woods. Durable, classic and blends into public-parks-with-a-no-drinking-policy grass.  3. PENDLETON BLANKET + CARRIER / I've had my eye on this duo for awhile. Perfect for anyone who adventures by bike or would enjoy a more convenient way to carry a blanket with them everywhere (me, all winter). 4. PINE INCENSE / For when you want to enjoy the scent of the woods from indoors. Paine's has the best smelling tree incenses I've tried—Pine is my favorite. 5. KEY BOTTLE OPENER / Simple, small & subtle. Fits in seamlessly with the rest of your keys so you can avoid the "LOOK AT WHAT I'VE GOT! I LOVE BEER A LOT!" vibe of most other keychain openers. 6. WILDSAM FIELD GUIDES /  I love these little books—they truly do lead you to the best spots in each city they've created a guide for. Perfect for the friend who travels often and loves to explore. 7. BEANIE / A pop of color that'll do any boy or girl adventurer good this winter. And psst, this baby's only $10 right now. 8. JOHN MUIR BOOK / Picked this gem up as I was leaving San Francisco and was glued to it the whole plane ride home. It's a worthy reading companion for any friend who loves the woods, big trees, the west coast, and stories about our country's most beautiful landscapes. 9. BIG COMFY SOCKS / Oh Canada, thank you for these. I know socks aren't a historically coveted Christmas gift, but this pair should be. Perfect for cold camping and cabin lounging.  10. FRENCH PRESS TRAVEL MUG / Best investment for your coffee loving adventurer. This carabiner-friendly mug with a hidden compartment to store grounds is incredibly practical for anyone who travels or camps. I definitely love mine too much.  11. SOLAR PHONE CHARGER / Carabines onto your bag and soaks up energy while you're out and about adventuring. Waterproof, too. Great for that friend who always texts you after their backpacking trip, "Sorry! Phone died." while you worried for 2 days about whether or not they'd been mauled by a bear. 12. HAMMOCK / No brainer. If the adventurer in your life doesn't have one yet, this is the perfect gift.