In just a couple short weeks, I’ll be packing up my things and building a new nest in Nashville. This is a buoyant step forward. My feet have treaded far and wide over the last year, but I am more than ready to to sink my toes into Middle Tennessee. These soles have walked through some messes, picking up remnants and left tracks along the way—but all contributing to the canvas of a life in motion. A life of stepping forward. A life in which worn soles can tell a colorful story of trust and freedom. A story where fear loses out and dust doesn’t settle on the path. So, here’s to stepping forward and sinkin’ in for now. 

I'm hoping for you and for me that we would always tread confidently, treasuring the present places we find our feet. But I'm also hoping we would follow the Lamp Light when it takes us, even if we find ourselves barefoot.