This song is contagious joy and I hope you dance around your house like it’s a room without a roof this weekend. And while we’re here, I’ll tell you I’ve always really liked Pharrell. Here’s why:

This probably all started when I discovered he was behind all the jams on Justin Timberlake’s Justifiedmaking cameos in videos in which we had no clue who he was besides that one guy talking all whispery and smooth at the beginning and end of JT’s songs, often randomly playing a drum kit. Before and since then, he’s been in the credits of countless grooves – so many it’s ridiculous to list them. He’s one of the lucky guys who’s gotten to stay out of the spotlight most of his career while being behind dozens of our favorite pop and hip hop songs, writing, producing and mixing. He lives in the center of LA pop and probably phones Beyonce just to catch up, and yet we hardly know a thing about him or his personal life. I like that. 

Not to mention, he’s ageless. I am genuinely just as impressed by the fact that he hasn’t appeared to welcome a wrinkle in 30 years as I am with his portfolio. Really though, you can google these types of things – and I have. It’s frightening, yet intriguing. What keeps a person looking so young? Maybe he’s on to something, or maybe he just has badass genes. Next google: Pharrell’s mom. 

Also, I think he has a lot of fun. That’s important. I really hope Pharrell doesn’t trip me and laugh if I pass him on the sidewalk in The Grove someday, because then this post will be embarrassing. I’ll make sure to asterisk the top two paragraphs with a note in the footer that says something like *Update: Had an encounter with Pharrell in front of J. Crew after this post and he was kind of a jerk, so none of this impresses me anymore. Besides the age thing – he definitely still looks like he could have picked me up for prom at the age of 40. In hindsight, I should have asked him what moisturizer he uses. 

In the meantime, I’m still impressed. Keep doin’ you, P-Dub.