Last week, I found out my hilarious, bright, kind and welcoming friend Adam has cancer. He and his wife Allison both wrote beautiful blogs debriefing where they're at in the process, and most importantly, what they needed from their community: the same. The same long meals, the same conversations and the same types of jokes they would have told before they found out Adam had cancer. As I read their blogs, I found myself wiping away tears of thanks for who they are as people and friends, and at the same time tears of frustration that Adam is having to fight this battle. But the Buzards are incredibly equipped because they know the love of Jesus, and their confidence and trust in him has been immediately evident and contagious among their friends. It's a straight-up honor to know them and trust alongside them. 

Starting today, Adam has 40 hours of chemo this week. On Saturday, I got a text from Allison asking if I'd be up for making Adam a kick-cancer's-ass playlist to pass some of the time this week. My answer was something like "duh" and what came of it felt like the playlist I want to take with me into this week as well. So I wanted to open it up to you guys too. For your unknowns, for your overwhelming days, for the moments where you just need a playlist that says "you freakin' got this":

For Adam: To Infinity & Beyond

We love you, Adam. Time to kick cancer to the curb. 

PS: Adam had friends in college who used to call him "Buzz" which he regrettably let slip over dinner once. I've been calling him Buzz ever since, hence the inspiration for this playlist name. Also thank you, Internet, for this photo of Adam I found.