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Spring playlist: New Shades.

Iced coffee, short sleeves, sunroofs, the Tuesday evening farmer's market, porch happy hours, the scent of honeysuckles in bloom down 10th Ave, hammock reading, bike commuting, a new pair of shades. The coldest days are thawing to an end and Springtime is finally in reach, my friends.

To celebrate, I've made a second annual Spring playlist. The theme for this Spring's playlist is the same it's been and should always be: compile songs that I find best paired with open windows and breezy weekend adventures. And if you're like me this year, "breezy weekend adventures" actually just means "driving to weddings because wedding season," but I hope this playlist makes a great car companion, nonetheless.

So here we are! Winter's lease is up this weekend and Spring's deposit is already in. I hope these songs keep you & I humming along in the sunny days ahead. 

new shades., the playlist:



a wintry mix.

I really love this time of year. Amid all the holiday parties and sugary joy, December is also a key time for me to hunker down a little bit, find quiet in my life and reflect on the year that’s coming to a close. I can feel myself making time to listen and dream and hope and drink hot cocoa more. And while I sometimes think I could never tire of Santa’s Workout Playlist, I still need music that I can carry with me into the cold and bleak days of January.

So, I made a Wintry Mix that is hopefully much more enjoyable than the weather version. (My dad jokes are getting worse and worse.) These are the songs that’ll be keepin’ my spirits warm until Spring. As always, I’ll add more as the season goes on. Until then, I hope this first batch keeps you cozy.




Fall songs.

Fall is for wrapping our hands around warm mugs and arms and kicking up leaves on sidewalks. We traverse a little slower, paying more attention to nature as it tugs our sleeve – a willing transition from saturdays filled with buoyant squeals and poolside views to the solace of rustling breezes and brilliant color found on a long mid-day stroll.  We begin to breathe a little deeper, hum a little slower, bundle a little heavier. Fires are lit for the first time since February, blankets make nests on our back porches & we roll our sleeves down. Hints of cedar, cinnamon & nutmeg fill our homes. We stray from our morning americanos and splurge on the barista’s recommended seasonal latte. Our hearts begin the almost involuntary annual process of letting go of all of summer’s branches along with the leaves, stirring up new and grand year-end ambitions. We sense a new thing beginning – so we feel and we listen, we make cocoons of our covers and we twirl in our kitchens. There’s a soundtrack for that.

I hope you enjoy these songs as I accumulate them through the season – they are my autumn anthem. Hugs.



It's hot. Summer playlists: Cannonball & Float

Summer’s not technically until June 21, but following the rules can be so dumb. It’s June, it’s hard to walk outside most days without sweating and a friend told me they spotted a firefly in my yard last night so I’d say the season’s officially upon us. 

When I first started putting together a Summer playlist, it got weird quick. It turns out banjo-picking country songs and Daft Punk don’t exactly make the best listening cocktail—fair enough. So I split the list to make one full of new and dancy stuff and the other nostalgic and slow (because c’mon every Summer needs the latter), or as I like to call ‘em: Cannonball and Float

I’ll add to these as the season goes on. In the meantime, have fun and sing loud. So loud. RECOMMENDED USAGE: on night drives with the windows down, anything on a saturday, by a body of water, or on a boat in which you’ve so kindly invited me to join you on (thx in advance). 



happy summer amigos. 



Spring, sprang, sprung.

The Spring playlist is alive! The Spring weather is…almost!

I tweeted out this little spring mix (song) salad a few weeks ago and wanted to wait for a day when it felt right to blog it, but let’s be honest—we might just need these songs to carry us through this last little cold spell. I hope in the meantime, we’ll find warmth in the transition—tugging on our winter boots and snatching our sweaters for the last time, remembering winter’s best days and dreaming of spring’s new.

Warmer days, small, yet worthy gardens, long bike rides, park picnics, baseball, spring camping and gulf coast dunes comin’ right up.

So, when I started compiling this playlist in February, I had one motive: that these songs would make you want to roll the windows down. Some while on a mid-afternoon drive to the lake, laughing with friends and others for quiet drives home at night, with only your thoughts and the stars to listen. Sounds nice, huh? I hope you’ll think so.

She’s both parts whimsy and dancy, she’s Spring. Enjoy.

*as always, more tracks will be added as they bloom through the season. cheers!