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Spring playlist: New Shades.

Iced coffee, short sleeves, sunroofs, the Tuesday evening farmer's market, porch happy hours, the scent of honeysuckles in bloom down 10th Ave, hammock reading, bike commuting, a new pair of shades. The coldest days are thawing to an end and Springtime is finally in reach, my friends.

To celebrate, I've made a second annual Spring playlist. The theme for this Spring's playlist is the same it's been and should always be: compile songs that I find best paired with open windows and breezy weekend adventures. And if you're like me this year, "breezy weekend adventures" actually just means "driving to weddings because wedding season," but I hope this playlist makes a great car companion, nonetheless.

So here we are! Winter's lease is up this weekend and Spring's deposit is already in. I hope these songs keep you & I humming along in the sunny days ahead. 

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