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Begin again.

Literally minutes from midnight on the evening of New Years day, I finally plopped down on my bed and opened up my worn & torn moleskine to scribble down my reflections. It’s post-grad moments like these that I remember I am a true procrastinater, through and through. But these end-of-year reflections have brought revelations in all forms over the last few years, and I knew I needed to make more time to process 2012, even if it was after writing about the new year and resolutions wasn’t cool anymore. So here I am, reflecting even more on January 3rd. 

This is what I have to remind myself and maybe you as well, it’s really never too late to reflect, or to begin, or to take every new sunrise seriously in 2013. Maybe you won’t make a resolutions list for yourself until May or write your reflections on 2012 until next month. The beauty is that you get to choose when you begin. And some of the most admirable people I know are the ones who are amazing at and bold enough to start over when it doesn’t make sense on a calendar.

Emerson had it right when he said to “write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” It restores our hope in the present, our hope that when we start believing we can shape our days, we actually do.

Sure, New Year’s Day can be awesome because it allows us to logistically track our history and measure our goals, but we don’t just get this one annual chance to start anew. We get every morning. If you were busy through the holiday season and didn’t make any goals for the new year or have hardly had time to sit down and remember anything, it’s not too late. Let yourself pause, rewind and start picturing new plots.

Don’t shrink your dreams for 2013 or erase the painful stuff from 2012, it’s all a part of you and the unique and redeeming story you’ve been designed to live. Recognize new ambitions, question old thoughts or habits, and when ready, be bold enough to begin again. 

To ‘13. She’s gonna be a good one.