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Spring, sprang, sprung.

The Spring playlist is alive! The Spring weather is…almost!

I tweeted out this little spring mix (song) salad a few weeks ago and wanted to wait for a day when it felt right to blog it, but let’s be honest—we might just need these songs to carry us through this last little cold spell. I hope in the meantime, we’ll find warmth in the transition—tugging on our winter boots and snatching our sweaters for the last time, remembering winter’s best days and dreaming of spring’s new.

Warmer days, small, yet worthy gardens, long bike rides, park picnics, baseball, spring camping and gulf coast dunes comin’ right up.

So, when I started compiling this playlist in February, I had one motive: that these songs would make you want to roll the windows down. Some while on a mid-afternoon drive to the lake, laughing with friends and others for quiet drives home at night, with only your thoughts and the stars to listen. Sounds nice, huh? I hope you’ll think so.

She’s both parts whimsy and dancy, she’s Spring. Enjoy.

*as always, more tracks will be added as they bloom through the season. cheers!