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It's hot. Summer playlists: Cannonball & Float

Summer’s not technically until June 21, but following the rules can be so dumb. It’s June, it’s hard to walk outside most days without sweating and a friend told me they spotted a firefly in my yard last night so I’d say the season’s officially upon us. 

When I first started putting together a Summer playlist, it got weird quick. It turns out banjo-picking country songs and Daft Punk don’t exactly make the best listening cocktail—fair enough. So I split the list to make one full of new and dancy stuff and the other nostalgic and slow (because c’mon every Summer needs the latter), or as I like to call ‘em: Cannonball and Float

I’ll add to these as the season goes on. In the meantime, have fun and sing loud. So loud. RECOMMENDED USAGE: on night drives with the windows down, anything on a saturday, by a body of water, or on a boat in which you’ve so kindly invited me to join you on (thx in advance). 



happy summer amigos.