Alas, we're officially entering the 12 days of Christmas and you've yet to nail down a gift for the writer in your life. I got you. Below you'll find my favorite writing tools and attire, in-the-zone audio accompaniments, and first-draft drinking essentials. I'm no expert, but I can tell you what's helped me. You'll find descriptions at the bottom, and  you can click on each product pictured to be taken to a purchase page. Good news: several of these are Amazon Prime-able (praise hands).

P.S. Tomorrow I'll be sharing an adventurer's gift guide. Get ready to equip your favorite friend who willingly chooses to sleep outside.  


1. HEADPHONES / my favorite pair to throw on when i'm in a crowded coffee shop or want to send the "I'M BUSY WRITING" signal to those who might be tempted to interrupt my focus.  2. MINI NOTEBOOKS / inspiration can strike anywhere. I always carry one of these little guys in my back pocket or purse. 3. MICRON PENS / good pens matter. these are my favorite fine points, and they last longer than the sharpie pen. 4. BEDSIDE CARAFE / some use this pitcher & glass pairing for bedside water, I use mine for desk-side whiskey. 5. SPHERE ICE MOLDS / to go with the whiskey. will improve your drinking experience by 73%. 6. SPICED APPLE SYRUP / mix with whiskey to warm up your drink this winter. I love morris kitchen's syrups. pro tip: pair gifts #4-6 with Bulleit Rye and you've done something grand. 7. SLIPPERS / you're not leaving the house until you finish that deadline, and nobody has time to be distracted by cold feet. 8. WINTER CANDLE / best balsam fir candle I've smelled all season. bonus: the hint of peppermint will also help you focus!  9. BREAKFAST TRAY / because I do most of my writing in bed, and it's important my snacks, coffee and books have a place to not spill while I type. 10. SWEATER LEGGINGS / words come faster when I'm comfy. 11. POST NOTES / vintage-inspired post cards to write words of wisdom on, use as bookmarks, or send as thank yous to your inspirers. 12. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC / this ambient Tycho record helped me write my best work this year. for something softer and more piano-based, I recommend Nils Frahm's "Screws" record.

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