Writing Samples

Wedable (wedable.com)

Online wedding planning service

Services: all web copy, opt-ins, emails, ads

Common Table (commontabletn.com)

Small dinner events and catering (Co-founder)

Services: tagline, branding direction, all web copy, website development

NGoodCompany (ngoodcompany.co)

Leadership and culture development

Services: about page, email opt-in, contact page, website development

One Life International

A nonprofit organization working to empower the poor in Kolkata, India 

Services: website header, event opt-in

Ranger Station Supply Co. (rangerstation.co)

Hand-poured candles in a reusable whiskey glasses 

Services: tagline, about page

The Peach Truck (thepeachtruck.com)

Specialty produce retailer/distributor

Service: opt-in boxes, about page (our story)

Heystac (heystac.com)

Digital marketing company

Services: tagline, opt-in text, design services page

End Crowd (endcrowd.org)

Sex trafficking rescue and recovery programs

Services: opt-ins, headers, web copy